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Caduceus is an LLC created to pursue the concept of “expanded influence” within the health care supply chain. It goal is to involve traditionally silent stakeholders in administering, operating and marketing the interest of all stakeholders. Value creation will be obtained by applying the expertise of its Board toward attaining cost savings for medically appropriate products, under a platform of innovative negotiations and contracting principals. In addition, the LLC will provide state of the art resources, web-based applications, health care economics, and best in class services to drive utilization of these products. The LLC would initially have a Board of Directors for governance purposes, adding additional professional components to serve the needs of its growth. Professional contracting, management, finance, legal, and marketing will be added geographically as appropriate by the CEO under the supervision of the Board of Directors.
C-Level Interim Execs is a network of executives that understand the need for urgent action. They approach times of transition as strategic opportunities to help organizations implement positive change. Whether the need is for a CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, CTO, or a combination of “Chief” level executives, interim leaders who are mature, overqualified and results-oriented can be provided.

“When you require an interim executive solution, we respond immediately with the right talent, experience and leadership to help you redefine your focus and achieve your business plan”
Coleman Research Group, Inc. (CRG) is a primary research firm focused on an "expert matching model" dedicated to providing institutional investors with access to top industry professionals. Based on client needs, CRG carefully manages correspondence between industry experts and those who seek industry information using its proprietary software, Knowledge Broker™.

Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG) manages the world’s leading network of experts. Since 1998, its platform for collaboration and consultation has helped the world’s leading financial services firms, professional service firms, corporations, and nonprofits find, engage, and manage experts across a broad range of industries and disciplines. GLG Councils are industry and discipline focused networks of consultants, physicians, scientists, engineers, attorneys, market researchers, and other professionals from around the world. GLG Council Members enable clients to better understand the products, services, companies, issues, & industries on which they focus.
Orthoworld is the only publisher in the world solely focused on the global orthopaedic market. Its singular mission is helping orthopaedic companies and individuals achieve their growth directives. The company was founded in 1992 by industry executives who realized that the orthopaedic industry had nowhere to turn for objective, accurate, strategically-oriented assistance. Since then it has specialized in products and services that allow companies to more aggressively expand their orthopaedic businesses.
The Medical Development Group (MDG) is a community of individuals professionally committed to the Medical Device and other Medical Technology Industry segments united by the belief that innovation and the advance of technology lead to substantial health care improvements. MDG's Mission is to contribute to the continuing development of medical devices and technologies by enhancing the professional development of its members, fostering and supporting entrepreneurial thinking, serving as a forum for exploration of new business opportunities, and promoting best practices in enterprise management.
Since 1976, Boston University’s School of Public Health (SPH) has been growing, innovating, discovering, and launching the careers of some of the most accomplished and influential women and men in the field. Today we stand among a select group of public health graduate schools. U.S. News & World Report ranks SPH 11th in the nation.

Recognized worldwide for achievements in research SPH’s growing research portfolio is one of the largest at BU, America’s fourth largest research university. Our faculty members are actively engaged in groundbreaking research that informs not only our curriculum and scientific understanding but also public policy. From large, epidemiologic studies to bench science, our research and scholarship continue to improve the overall practice of public health.

A balance of academics, research, and practice
An outstanding feature of our 19 degree programs and 8 dual degree programs is the integration of classroom education, research, and field experience. Students’ at all academic levels assist faculty members in a wide range of public health research. Our skills-based curriculum, practicum program, and extensive community-based service programs prepare them for careers in research, industry, government, and academia.

The ideal location for public health students
With a rare concentration of top hospitals, medical research, science and technology, and health-related companies and agencies, Boston offers an outstanding backdrop for the study of public health. SPH students immerse themselves in this tailor-made learning environment through fieldwork, networking, and engagement with public health lectures and events.

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