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Utilize an extensive background in strategic planning, contract development and negotiations, to build a collaborative platform for the implementation of “physician preference” agreements. This framework involving all stakeholders would extend to member facilities in a manner consistent with their focus on the delivery of the contracted device. Fundamental to this effort is the flexibility of the national agreement to leverage reasonable local performance criteria by both economic and clinical parties. The trailing result would consist of an UMBRELLA PROGRAM, appropriate for all member facilities, with utilization an outgrowth of the local marketing of influencing procedures.

Target Market Components

GPO Level

Providing platform support, coaching realistic expectations and assisting in the implementation process. Establish focus to national implementation plans and conduct liaison activities throughout the GPO and Supplier Organizations.

Regional Group Level

Perform subject matter support to “sub-group” efforts in obtaining standard and reproducible protocols. Act as an Ambassador to communicate crossover issues that interface with their corporate directives, while producing value to their membership.

Local System Level

Representing National Agreements to Health System Members, while instituting a “bridging process” that provides a quid pro quo to their interest of committing beyond nationally established parameters

Areas of Focus

Create Collaborative Balance – recognize buyer/supplier values in developing platform flexibility and pursue extended opportunities
Establish Creditability – through third party insight . . . assure strengths & weaknesses of contracting parties are put on the table
Arbitrate Negotiations – through an understanding of the underlying need within each party and determining leverage points that promote partnerships.
Coordinate Communications – coordinate/participate in GPO and Supplier downstream communications, monitoring for flow-through consistency
Follow-up Performance Reviews – under a process of performance drivers and scheduled evaluations

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