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June 1, 2016
William McIlhargey appointed to Medical Development Group (MDG) Advisory Board.

April 28, 2016
William McIlhargey to participate in the Spring Advisory Board of Boston U School of Public Health – Health & Policy Management.

October 29, 2015
William McIlhargey to participate in the Fall Advisory Board of BUSPH – Health & Policy Management.

October 21, 2015
WPM to co-champion MDG Forum "3D Printing: Past, Present and Future".

      Since 1978 William Patrick McIlhargey (WPM) has been servicing the health care market, building experiences in strategy development, organizational placement and national/local contracting for the health care community. As Principal for WPM Enterprise . . . a Management Consulting Firm that specializes in the buying & selling of physician preference products . . . Bill facilitates both providers and suppliers in the value positioning of new technology.      Starting his career by “walking the halls” in a provider environment, Bill was able to obtain first hand knowledge of the delivery of care and its process interdependence. Later as an executive with medical suppliers, he was responsible for “performance base strategies” that bridge clinical and economic influences. Now consulting to both providers and suppliers, Bill is recognized as a relation builder with a passion to establish collaboration between buyers and sellers . . . and has published on this need.
There is little argument of the financial success experienced from companies participating within the orthopaedic space. Over the years their stock has been an investor magnet, given high margins, seemingly cyclical insulation and favorable demographics. However, when speaking with analysts and those of financial interests, it appears their attention is riveted on issues expressed on quarterly calls, disassociated from underlying industry trends. Therefore I would propose that if you are contemplating “entering the game” you may want to look at some of the causal effects for these quarterly reports...
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Board Level:
participating Director and Advisory Services in the area of M&A, go-to-market strategies and device industry trends
Operational Support:
market segmentation, contracting/negotiations and clinical development for physician preferred products
Business Development:
technology and product collaboration with "fit & fill" partners
platform development that position innovative and/or differentiated products with the economic buyer
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