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Not all Health Care Facilities suffer from the frustration of achieving collaboration with medical device supplier, however there are a significant number that are disappointed in past contracting efforts, and feel they have not optimized the value needed to keep their facility competitive. For those institutions, WPM Enterprise can offer a realistic option to build a collaborative platform between the physician, economic buyer and the local seller. Based on in-depth experience in resolving regional & local economic disputes on medical devices, individual focus is applied to identify and then establish a “quid pro quo” for the values determined by each stakeholder. Once established, these values will leverage reasonable performance criteria, while maintaining focus and momentum.

Areas of Focus:

Create Collaborative Balance – recognize buyer/supplier values in developing platform flexibility and pursue extended opportunities
Establish Creditability – through third party insight . . . . assure strengths & weaknesses of contracting parties are put on the table
Arbitrate Negotiations – vis a vis an understanding of the underlying need within each party and determine leverage points that promote partnerships
Coordinate Communications – coordinate/participate in facility and supplier downstream communications, monitoring for flow-through consistency
Follow-up Performance Review – create a review process that benchmarks performance drivers under scheduled evaluations


Program development will involve a five step approach surrounded by Preparation and Follow-up Quarterly Reviews:
Process Identification
Go/No-Go Commitment
Develop & Activate Contract

Past experience indicates minimum buyer/seller collaboration after the signing of a physician preference agreement. This produces a gap in realizing contract expectations and becomes a major contributor to previously unsuccessful approaches. Therefore, critical to the Contract Platform is establishing definable and measurable performance criteria supporting intent. This automatically leads to performance drivers which are monitored during Scheduled Performance Evaluations.

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