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As medical device manufacturers continue to seek relationships that bridge the clinical and economic influencers, WPM Enterprise can provide a value position for their technology. Leveraging a background in sales & marketing with Fortune 500 Companies provides a portfolio skill set in; market segmentation, off-list price strategy, organizational development, corporate account relations, sales positioning, results monitoring, and contract/negotiation innovation. Integrating this experience can project the following expectations:

Developing & implementing a strategy for “off-list” pricing
Creating a process to achieve collaboration at the local/ regional & national levels
Providing innovative support for contract development and negotiations
Advising corporate requirements to support and monitor field pricing
Participate in sales training, through module development

Areas of consideration when developing STRATEGY

Collaborative Balance – between margin expectations and the “glass house effect” vies a vies platform flexibility that pursues extended opportunities
Establish Creditability – coordinate/participate in corporate, field and customer downstream communications, monitoring for flow-through consistency
Nurture Innovation – realizing that health care is a local business, drive resolutions at the lowest common denominator, while assuring strategy ownership at all levels
Information Repositories – subscribe to “he with the most information . . . . . wins” philosophy through support repositories including: competitive responses, success stories, formatted templates, etc.
Follow-up Performance Review – create a review process that benchmarks performance drivers under scheduled evaluations

Encompassing thoughts on Field Support

Encourage economic modeling by building a local collaborative platform between the buyer and seller, that recognizes the value economics of technology
Consider bridging local barriers via product education to the economic buyer, proposing an incremental process toward contract resolution
Utilize a local focus to identify and then promote a “quid pro quo” for the values determined
Communicate the ability to leverage reasonable performance criteria by the user, purchaser and seller is needed to develop relational momentum

Training issues to address - Module Presentation

Growing in a Fragmented Market (understanding and ownership)
Building a Territory Strategy – discount planning
Local Negotiations – behavioral modification
Developing Innovative Contracts – rules of engagement
Ongoing Collaboration – establishing a review process

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