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October 29, 2015

Boston University School of Public Health – Fall Meeting

As a national leader in training healthcare policymakers and managers, the Department of Health Law, Policy & Management (HLPM) helps students develop the expertise and tools they’ll need to meet the challenges facing today’s healthcare system. We offer rigorous, competency-based educational programs that include the country’s largest concentration of health law faculty and courses.

At the heart of HLPM lies an exceptional, multidisciplinary faculty that specializes in engaging teaching methods; active learning; and a wide variety of innovative research projects, including analyzing current Medicare and Medicaid policy, studying drug policy and regulation, and evaluating racial and ethnic variations in patient care.

October 21, 2015

Medical Development Group

William McIlhargey to co-champion November Forum on – 3D Printing: Past, Present & Future. MDG's Mission is to contribute to the continuing development of medical devices and other medical technologies by enhancing the professional development of its members, fostering and supporting entrepreneurial thinking, serving as a forum for exploration of new business opportunities, and promoting best practices in enterprise management.

May 6 - 7, 2015

BIOMEDevice Boston provides a wealth of great educational opportunities. In 2015 the event included presentations on medical device design, wireless medical device technology, 3D printing, and quality control and assurance. Visit here for 2015 conference details, or visit here for a Qmed Article on the 2015 conference topic of hurtles to wireless medical device implementation.

April 30, 2015

Boston University School of Public Health – Spring Meeting
Founded in 1976, the Boston University School of Public Health is one of the country's premier graduate-level academic public health institutions and is dedicated to improving the health of populations, locally, nationally and globally -- particularly the disadvantaged, underserved and vulnerable -- through excellence in education, research and service to the community.  The HPM Advisory Board advises the department’s program in achieving its strategic goals relative to the education of future health policy & management leaders.

April 1, 2015

Medical Development Group of Boston
The business of Healthcare is evolving at an impressive pace, as economic proponents expand their influence within the industry. Targeting best practices with an endless array of financial benchmarks, they are not just asking, but demanding answers to the cost of care, while acting as “gate keepers” to go or no-go decisions. The surgical suite is not immune to this evolution, as it experiences new scrutiny in efficiently managing assets supporting their specialty procedures. Due diligence of surgical procedures and technologies require proof of efficacy under cost, care and compliance guidelines, with baseline issues including; proven outcomes that are now weighed against a cost benefit analysis, building acceptable cost structures to reform “gold standard” techniques and the ability to gain coding and/or carve-outs status.

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